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Waiting for…

Waiting for…

Traxxas Rod Ends! We have ordered over 300 of these from the manufacturer but they are still in transit. We’ve contacted over 12 local suppliers en vendors but it seems they are all out of stock. If you’ve ordered a ‘The Rest’ kit then your order is waiting for these...

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

We have now added the possibility to pay by bank transfer. We’ve been getting requests by people that do not have or want PayPal or do not own a creditcard. Hope this helps you a bit.

Geared stepper motors are in!

Geared stepper motors are in!

Finally! We will spend our weekend packaging orders and getting them ready to ship. Most will ship monday or tuesday. You will off course all get a tracking number. So glad we can finally get rid of all those old orders. Again, our apologies for the delays.

New color 1

New filament color & New Picture Carbon Rods

Our plastic supplier has given us a new color to play with: It fills a nice gap between the light Sky Blue (seen above) and the popular Dark Blue. But what should we name it? Send us your suggestion using our contact form or by twitter and near the end...

Heated Bed 2

Bed heaters are in!

Check them out in our shop! If you want to add them to your existing order please use the coupon code: addtoorder When you do please specify your original order ID.

Carbon Rods

Carbon Rods have arrived!

Wow, it may have taken ages but they are so worth it! (don’t let the bad lighting fool you). Better pictures will come soon.   And we have a lot of them (500) so we’re good for now. All orders that are only waiting for the rods or a “the...


Finished printing ALL orders!

We have finally finished printing ALL of our ourstanding orders. This means we can start building stock on printed kits and have a production time of less than a week! We’ve ‘finished’ printing, not shipping though. We are desperatly waiting for the carbon rods and geared steppers to arrive. They...


Shipping carrier update

We have noticed that our shipping carrier can sometimes take a long time to deliver your package. At the moment we have no other option but we are talking to the big carriers like UPS to get decent rates and options. Hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of PostNL...

Heated bed

Heated bed

Great news! We’ve managed to get in touch with a supplier to upgrade your Kossel with a heated bed! It will be a 160mm Kapton heater with leads and thermistor already attached. Just stick it to the glass, connect 2 wires to your electronics and connect the thermistor. Easy as...

Internet connection

Status update

Carbon rods & Geared steppermotor We’ve had a lot of positive reactions to the carbon rods. We are also very anxious to get our hands on the final product. We’ve been notified by the production company that they are ready (we’ve ordered hundreds of them) and they will be shipped...


Carbon upgrade

We’ve been getting some reactions to the news about the Carbon Rods upgrade. Questions with the answer YES: Will the price remain the same? Can I upgrade my order to the new rods? Can I wait for the new rods to arrive before? If you do want the upgraded rods...

Internet connection

New printer has arrived!

Our newest addition to the production line will arrive tomorrow! Should be a couple of days to get it up and running. It will be another workhorse in our printer farm.

website building

New webshop! New name!

Again a new shop? Well yes. A lot has happened in the last couple of months. We have grown exponentially, not only in the amount of customer orders but also in the products we sell. Our first webshop (if you can call it that) was a self-written email-based system that...

Internet connection

GT2 Belts and Pulleys

…are back in stock! Only the geared stepper is out of stock it should arrive within 1-2 weeks. We will now hurry to ship our open orders that were waiting for these parts in the next 1 or 2 days. Then we have or will have cleared all our old...

Carbon rods upgraded!

Carbon rods upgraded!

We have made a deal with a Carbon tube manufacturing company. They will not only cut the rods to exactly 180mm within 1/100 of a mm accuracy but they will also be upgraded from plain extruded carbon to the much higher quality 3K woven kind. This not only looks awesome...

F623ZZ & Connectors have arrived. GT2 is lost…

F623ZZ & Connectors have arrived. GT2 is lost…

Finally! The F623ZZ bearings and the pneumatic connectors are in. Orders that were waiting for these have been shipped out. There is also bad news. The GT2 belt and pulleys are lost. Yes lost. Somehow they can’t find the package anymore. We have ordered all we can find from our...

Internet connection

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #2

The Good We have invested another $2000 to increase our production capability. We expect the new printers to be online within 2-3 weeks. We have also added Kaptop tape to our shop. Electronics are coming down the line. The Bad We started as 3D enthusiasts but are now forced to...

New Glass Plate Holder

Kit Content change

We’ve decided to make a small change to the standard Kossel kit. The standard glass plate holder is just a flat piece with a hole to mount it. You need to use some sticky tape or other material to keep the glass in place. This is not ideal. So we...

Internet connection

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good We have shipped over 40 orders in 10 days! Our printers and packaging department (do we sound really big now?) are working overtime. We are actually getting up to speed and reducing our backlog pretty fast. We have optimized our printers even further and can now print 1...


A word on delivery times

We get some reactions to the current delivery times and that they are to long. We know. We think it sucks even more than you do. So in this post i’ll give you all the bare facts because we believe that honest is the best way and we like the...



We now have all the motors in our shop! Excellent Nema 17 stepper motors and the hard-to-get geared stepper motor for the ultimate power-extruder. We now have an almost complete assortment of products for building your printer. Only a hotend, electronics and power supply are needed. Hopefully in the near...

Lucky ones

Lucky ones

Everyone who ordered a Sky Blue kit in the last couple of days were in luck. There was a typo, instead of $50 it was $20. Our fault so you’re in luck. From now on it’s the normal sale price of $50. Must be the baby stress and less sleep…

Extruder motor

Geared stepper motors added

Today we have put the geared stepper motor in our shop. With it you can build the strongest, toughest extruder out there! Combine it with out spur gear and you have a winning combo. Used in all our printers and now available for yours.

Borosilicate glass

Glass plates have arrived!

We finally have the first batch of glass plates on stock! The thoughest part to acquire is now available in our shop.

Production capability increase

Production capability increase

We have some new members in our printer family! Joining our current setup is a bright green monster build short and fat. It’s side beams are not 240mm but 300mm and the height is not 600 but 450mm. It’s specifically designed for lower but wider prints. There is another printer...

A son is born (discounts)!

A son is born (discounts)!

The greatest do-it-yourself project there is! My first son has been born! To celebrate this event, all orders placed in the month February will receive a 5% discount on all orders! Use the coupon code: itsaboy! And if you order printed kits in Sky Blue (because it’s a boy) you’ll...

Supplier for glass plates

Supplier for glass plates

We are happy to report that we have found a supplier for the borosilicate glass build plates! A first batch has been ordered and should arrive shortly.


First major breakdown

Our oldest Kossel printer had it’s first major breakdown. Nearly 1200 hours of continues printing and flexing finally killed my printed extruder. Printed with my ancient Rostock “back in the day”. It had a whole lot of filament changes and some experimenting. Not bad! The newer parts made by a...

Traxxas 5347 Rod ends

Rod ends added to store

We’re happy to announce we now have also found a supplier for the Traxxas rod ends. One less item you need to shop for!

Spur Gear

Spur gears!!

We are very happy to announce that we are producing our own high quality spur gears for the bowden extruder! They were very hard to get and pretty expensive but since these are now made by us (made in Holland!) we were able to make a lot and to keep...

Internet connection

Simpler Store

The products in our store are now easier to find and order! Instead of listing every variation we now list only the main product and you can select the size, length or color (the variation) from the product page. We are also aiming to offer more items as a kit...

Internet connection

Production Increase

We are currently working very hard to double our production capability. Should be up and running within two weeks. Stay tuned!


Updated shipping rates

We’ve updated our shipping rates again, but this time to your benefit. We had a flat rate for all of europe but we are now able to lower those rates by $7 for most european countries. So you now pay exactly for what you get. Shipping is now also calculated...


Nuts & bolt in the webshop

We now offer all nuts & bolts needed for the Kossel! All are the highest quality stainless steel (INOX) hex bolts. We will soon offer a complete kit to build a Kossel. The Bill Of Materials will also be updated with more exact numbers.


Kit Content Change

All kits will now have a metal euro-connector instead of a printed one. The printed ones tend to break so we’ve replaced them with heavy-duty metal ones. These are now sold separately. The plywood groove mount has been replaced by a printed one with a fan shroud. This is a...


Shipping costs gone up for Europe

Unfortunately the shipping costs for european countries has gone up since january 1st. And a lot to. Now it costs $27 to ship to european countries. That’s $4 more then last year. Rates for international and local are unchanged. We regret this but it’s not in our hands.

Change of strategy.

Change of style

We are changing our production strategy! Right now we are printing to order. You choose a color and we print it. This works for lower volumes but the demand is so high that we can’t keep up. Shipping times are way to long now. We hate waiting for stuff as...

Visit our webshop!

Webshop online for your 3D printer

Since the start of our new site we have been busy creating a new webshop. The plan is to create a one-stop-shop, so you can start building  your 3d printer straight away. Check out our shop below. http://www.builda3dprinter.eu/webshop/


New partner: Dickbest

And we have another partner: Electronica Onderdelen Online A dutch partner for some electronic parts. Great to have him aboard!


New Partner: Makerbeam.eu!

Makerbeam.eu has been added as one of our partners. They are the primary source for OpenBeam and Makerbeam in Europe. We are glad to be able to work with them.


New Partner: Plastic2Print!

Plastic2Print has become our preferred supplier for filament. They have excellent quality and a wide assortments of colors. All our kits will be printed using their plastic.

Internet connection

New website!

We have launched our new website! Please enjoy your stay and leave a donation if you like it.

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